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There is no time like baby time! This first time mother is enthralled in the ecstasy and joy of having gave birth to a wondrous little bundle of fun. Style her and her child for an unforgettable walk in the park choosing their clothes and accessories. Dress her up with the chicest top you can find in her wardrobe, then find a pair of pants or a lovely mini-dress to pair it up with, style up her hair, choosing a new hairstyle for her and complete her lovely mommy outfit with a chic handbag. Next, take care of her adorable baby boy as well and find some comfy-chic outfits to style him up, too. Enjoy playing the "Baby Time" dress up game!

Chúc bạn chơi game Thời trang mẹ và bé (online, 3d, pc, offline, mini hay nhat 2012, 2013) vui vẻ và giữ gìn sức khỏe!

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